I'm Zoe, I take photos and try and draw things.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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the wait is over!

The runners up (and recipients of £10 vouchers) have been decided, and here they are

The first runner up is from Zoe Posnette. The second runner up is from Gem Dee (check her website out:http://gemgemdee.wix.com/gemdee) And the third runner up is by Ewa Figaszewska and is of Emily Aoibheann in rehearsals for PaperDolls ‘BUNK’, Dublin Fringe Festival 2013 (Ewa’s website:www.figaszewska.com)

— with Emily Aoibheann.

I’m so proud to say I won something for my photo! I’m the top one. Donated my prize to the circus company, CircusMASH!